so much to say!

I have been a bad, bad, bad blogger. please forgive. 
It is a very busy life being a new wife, pastoring a church, and sculpting all life into Mark 16:15. I love every minute of it, but there is definitely a knack to having it all flow smoothly. 

I will try to be better. I had written several half-finished posts that maybe I will end up following up with later perhaps. But for now...


This is going to be one exciting next couple of weeks! I can't believe that Thanksgiving is next week. This year is going by so incredibly fast! Andrew and I will be spending the day out with family...in about 3 sessions of what I will lovingly refer to as Thanksgiving-athon. I suppose that takes some of the relaxing part of out of the day, but in reality I don't think I'd have it any other way. I love holidays full of family and people, the more the better. So...Thanksgiving-athon (currently) sounds like I'm going to make breakfast at home, head to early lunch at Andrew's parents house,  perhaps a mid-afternoon stop at his Sister's home to spend some time with her and her husband, and then onto my sister's home for dinner. Busy, but fun. 
So...What is everyone doing for Thanksgiving? 

I made this buttermilk pie last week in preparation for the holidays. It's delicious, but I will have to make it more then once to get it a little more perfected. I realized I do not prefer to make pies. Pies are needy, and what may have been intended an easy bake turned into me babysitting a pie for an hour and twenty minutes. 
Note: It isn't comfy to stand in the kitchen watching pie.
However, if you have never had buttermilk pie, you should. Immediately. Bake it, or go find a cute tea room that serves it, like...now.

Since we are somehow now talking buttermilk, I whipped up some buttermilk pancakes last night from scratch. They. Are. Delicious. They are also very easy. Try them!

Over the weekend we also went to the Greek Festival. Although lively, here is what I have observed from my first Greek Festival: 
Greek Festivals are for eating. 

...That's it. 
Sure, there was some dancing and music, but everyone I saw was eating. 
But darn it, we were eating good food. Moussaka? Delish.
I did learn one more thing, and that is that no matter how you slice it, or combine it, I do not care for greek desserts (at least the ones at the festival). There are only so many combinations of phyllo dough, honey, nuts, nutmeg, sugar, and cinnamon that I can handle.

Ruth Ann

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