deep breath.


This has been one long last couple of days, but praise God we finally we have every single (save, our vacuum) item from the house now present in the loft. That is a very good choice of words, by the way. "Present" in the loft does not, by any means, mean that it is put away. In fact, it is very un-put away. But, that my friends is the beauty of moving and that is also the next challenge-UNPACKING! Although a bit trying at times, and a tidbit frustrating, unpacking is by far more fun then packing and leads to a much better result.

We started moving on Saturday, the 2nd. That was a long, long day. We finally ended up at the loft with the final load for the day at about 5 or 6pm. The dogs arrived, which was a very big thing. Now, Andrew and I had previously planned on having an office in the loft's 2nd floor (the actual "loft" part of the loft) but upon seeing the place repainted Friday, and realizing the loft was MUCH bigger then we though, we decided that we were going to try putting the bedroom on the second level. 

The dogs can't currently make it up the stairs. Stanzi will do just about anything to be with Andrew, and she eventually made it up the stairs but Mozart barely made it about halfway up before he just....froze. Both dogs had to be carried down, and I haven't even been up there since last Saturday. In due time!

 All that said, everything about the new place is perfect. Sure, there are a few little things that need some help, but as I keep telling Andrew I am just SO happy. I wake up in the morning and I am not stressed out. I know more than anything that God totally hooked all this up...I mean, I look at our location and the loft and building and etc, then compare it with what we are paying and how close it is to our Church and my office...and I'm just blown away. The most beautiful soft lighting floods the room at all times of day. The building is full of beautiful character. I am a happy lofter, and so is my little family.

Enough Words! Let's picture. 

what a huge difference that paint made.

beginning to move.

love my husband.

oh the stairs! 

so much more work to do, but...well. we have time to make this a home. 
it starts now!

ruth ann

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  1. The paint made such a HUGE difference!!! I love it, and I am so excited to see what you do with it!! hugs :)


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