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happy monday! 

as I've told you guys, we are moving THIS saturday.
...we started packing 2 days ago.
I kept thinking "oh no problem, we'll be fine, it won't be THAT bad." 
and i was just a little bit wrong. It's just that there is so much to do and go through, we had 2 rooms with wedding presents and miscellaneous items laying around, and we still have lots of wedding decor (all vintage knick-knacks, candlesticks, cake stands, etc etc etc) all around. Eventually these things may have a place, but for now they are a bit of a nuisance to me. 

Andrew is a trooper though. You see, I've never really had to move myself before. My dad was always in the military, or worked for the government, which means that when we moved, someone always packed and moved for us. I moved from my sister's house, to my apartment, and then from there to my current house-but those moves were minimal. Andrew has moved several times, and knows how to get the job done. I am a procrastinator at times. I got pretty distracted by a bin of childhood/high school pictures. I'm glad he's patient.

For now our house is mid-moving mode. Everything is a mess, but we are making progress. 

NOW! Pictures!
For anyone who hasn't seen the loft, here are a few pictures:

Main floor of the loft. Wood floors and bits of concrete, and to the right you can see some of the spiral stairs that go up to the loft-area. they are re-painting it all back to the neutral white color before we move in-so no more weird khaki. It should lighten the room up a bit more.

Cutesy bathroom (please forgive this raised toilet seat), love the tiles. There is storage that you can't see next to the shower.

blurry...spiral staircase in loft
Sorry for the blur! Here is the staircase (and blurry Andrew in back)

The kitchen has a lot of good storage, and will definitely do its job:) I could do without the choice of backsplash-I don't know who chose it, but it's not pretty. Thinking about painting the entire left wall in a yet-undetermined shade of chalkboard paint.

One more view of the windows. There is so much light in the loft, which makes me happy:) Oh...and our view is AMAZING

I will do my best to document as we pack and move this week. I'm glad that the weather is cooling down now-that will make this a much more delightful move.

ruth ann.

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  1. Hi Ruth Ann! Thank you so much for your sweet, sweet comments on my blog. I really appreciate it and am so happy that you enjoy my posts! It is so nice of you to comment and say hello so I thought I would do the same. Have fun starting your new blog...I absolutely love your header with the fun, colorful tape...so cute! I will check back often.
    -Lauren Elise


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